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Welcome to Whites Thinking Outside


Whites Thinking Outside is our passion for your lifestyle. Our aim is better ideas for your home, your garden and your worksite so when you're thinking outside you can think of Whites.

Our Thinking, that you require uncomplicated products, easy to use, install and do the job well, is applied to products that are designed for Outside projects which enhance your outdoor living space. It's what drives us.

Our key brands feature clever-thinking solutions like Retain-iT, Garden Up, Screen Up, Oxy-Shield and Grip & Grow. Our heritage range of tie wire, mesh, netting and Ultrapost fence posts; contractor safety ranges and more, are designed to add to your outside experience.

Thinking Outside, Think Whites

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There is a unique colour coding on tie wire labels that makes choosing the right tie wire easy.


Colour coded tie wire labels make choosing your tie wire easy.

There are eight tie wire sizes, from 0.70mm to 4.00mm, each with their own special purpose, as shown in the table below 

Tie Wire colour coding Table


Label colour Wire Diameter Suggested Uses
Purple 0.70mm Hobby, toys, flower arrangements
Yellow  0.90mm Hobby and garden work
Red 1.25mm Light tying jobs, trellis, garden
Blue 1.57mm Netting to line wires, plant support, lacing wires, garden
Green 2.00mm Heavy tie wire, hinged joint to posts
Tan 2.50mm Heavy tie wire, brush fencing
Black 3.15mm Fencing, bracing wire
White 4.00mm Fencing, horse paddock, bracing wire