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Removing Spent Blooms (“Dead Heading”)

The roses are starting to bloom and as part of the natural cycle they will die off to make way for new blooms.

So it’s time to remove the dead flowers and if you do it the right way you roses will continue to provide more flowers. It also keeps the rose bush in top condition.

Here’s Mark’s tips on dead heading the spent blooms after they flower:

  • If the bloom is in a cluster like the first photo, just cut below the spent flower at the orange arrow
  • When the whole bunch has flowered then cut the stem down to at a point where there is a leaf with 5 leaflets coming off it.  The second photo shows a leaf with 3 leaflets then a little lower a leaf with 5 leaflets; cut at the orange arrow not the red arrow.
  • The same applies to single stem roses, cut the stem just above the first leaf with 5 leaflets.

Rose- Cut Rose-Cut

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