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Insects In The Garden

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Spring is a beautiful time in the garden. So much new growth with a variety of colours and lots of blooming buds, flowers and insects.

I’m enjoying the new growth on the fruit trees in the yard which are bursting with energy. From top left, lime, curry leaf, mango.


Amongst the flowers, you can see the ‘good’ insects doing their work. From the lady beetle hopefully looking for aphids or scale insects, the incredible bees gathering pollen and pollinating the flowers, at the same time to the lurking spider hoping to catch small flies.

But looking a little closer, the bad and ugly insects are there as well! Fruit flies were investigating the lemon tree, so I set up one of the traps before they spoil the new lemons which starting to grow.

The white cabbage moth (bad) is fluttering around the garden and it’s found the Tatsoi, which already has its own problems with a new aphid infestation. A good blast with a hose will get rid of these little pests.

Worst of all amongst the citrus, I found a couple of green stink bugs(both bad and ugly!) these are a real pest, as they suck the life out of new growth and can do a lot of damage… They are hard to get rid of but we have found a good squirt of WD40 knocks them off.

It feels like the Wild West out there sometimes, but keep a regular eye on your garden and keep the pests under control early before they do a lot of damage and take the fun out of gardening,


The Gardener