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Roses – Keeping Up The Care Is Easy

Mark has given me another update and is making sure I emphasise the need keep up the care and attention on the roses, it’s no time to relax.

As you can see another 2 weeks has flown by and the roses are looking extra good with all the care and attention, so just keep it going! The first pink and burgundy iceberg roses has just flowered and there are a heap of buds about to burst forth. And the miniature rose (Joyce Abounding) has had it’s first flower!


Spending time looking after plants has been a great way to relax and it all on becomes worthwhile when they start flowering.

Rose keeping

It’s mainly about maintenance and keeping the plants in really good condition.

  • Pest check, mainly for aphids, and it’s probably too early for spider mites at the moment. Take a close look at the image below and you’ll see a few aphids about to cause trouble.
  • Eco oil every 2 weeks –   rotate with neem oil so pests don’t build up a resistance
  • Fish emulsion feed every 2nd week – foliage feed rather than on the roots.
  • Water 10l per plant once a week,  but more if it starts to get hot



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