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Adjustable Plant Ties

Adjusta Plant Ties

  • For training climbing plants
  • Suitable for other plant tying requirements
  • Adjustable and re-usable

Adjustable plant ties

Whites Adjusta Ties are easy to use and handle.
The adjustable locking system means this tie can be used again and again.

Whites Adjusta-Ball Plant Ties are adjustable and re-usable, ideal for training small climbing plants.
The simple ball and clasp locking mechanism allows them to be expanded as your plants grow.
They can also be used for bag tying and other requirements.
*Available at New Zealand Bunnings only. Please check with your local NZ store.

Code Product Name Length (mm)ColourPack Qty

Adjusta-Ball Ties – NZ only

170 Black 30

Adjusta Ties

120 Green 50

Adjusta Ties

170 Green 60

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