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Tree Tying & Support

Adjustable Tree Ties

  • Strong, reusable & flexible
  • No knots and no tying
  • Ideal for garden, home & craft use

tree tie for plant support

Whites Grip & Grow Tree Tie is an easy to apply tree support.
Simply wrap around the tree and supporting stake, then overlap the tie to secure in place.
The soft PP and Nylon materials also assist you in avoiding damage to tree trunks.
Ideal for use in your garden, home or craft use, it’s a quick and easy to use product.
Available in Green to easily blend into your garden.

Whites Windsor Tree Tie features a strong, fast and convenient way to support growing trees.
Made from soft PVC material, it’s soft and gentle on plants.
The clever pull-through feature is very easy to use and provide a secure tie.
Simply slot through and pull tight to adjust.
It’s available in 635mm length and in packs of 6.


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Code Product Name Length (m)Height (mm)Width (mm)Pack QtyColour

Tree Tie – NZ only

- 340 30 2 Green

Poly-Woven Shrub Tie

60 - 24 - Green

Windsor Tree Tie

- - - 6 Green

Rubber Tree Tie – NZ only

- 600 - 10 Black

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