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Tapes & Reflective Deterrents

Deterrent Tapes

  • Safe and humane pest deterrent
  • Effective for day time use and in the breeze
  • Ideal for vegetable gardens and fruit trees

Easy to Install deterrents

Whites offers effective, easy to install, cost-effective and humane tape products to keep birds off vegie gardens, fruit trees, crops and lawns:

Whites Scare Tape reflects sunlight in the breeze, while also producing a crackling sound that deters birds.

  • Installation: For vegie gardens string over crops or tie strips to stakes, keeping spacing to a maximum of 3 metres. To deter birds from fruit trees, tie long strips onto outlying branches. Also ideal for grapevines.

Whites Humming Tape vibrates in the breeze emitting a humming which drives birds away. The sound changes depending on the wind, so birds do not become accustomed to the noise.

  • Installation: Set stakes in your vegie garden 3-6 metres apart. String tape taut between stakes. For best results vary line heights and angles.
Code Product Name Length (mm)Width (mm)Colour

Scare Tape

300 190 Holographic

Humming Tape

300 50 Green

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