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Grip and Grow®

Grip & Grow® Trellis Kit

  • Complete kit – ideal for climbing vines and flowers
  • Mount to fences and walls
  • Stranded wire allows plants to grip and grow
  • Strong and flexible


Grips as it grows

Whites Grip & Grow Trellis Kit is a complete kit for wall mounting a stylish trellis. With creativity you can create your own design or simply follow the three-diamond shape on the pack.

It includes 5m of galvanised wire, stranded for extra strength and extra grip, 10 electro-galvanised screw-in eyelets and and 2 electro-galvanised anchor grips. Enough to create a 3-diamond design measuring approximately 1.7m x 565mm or many other configurations.

Easy to install, simply thread the wire through eyelets and terminate with anchor grips as shown in the photo gallery above.

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Grip & Grow Trellis Kit

5m stranded wire, 10 screw-in eyelets, 2 anchor grips Galvanised

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