Whites Group

Fencing & Barbed Wire

HandyFence Wire & Tie Wire

  • Galvanised to AS4534
  • Available in soft and medium tensile
  • Comes in varying wire diameters and roll sizes

Easy to work with

Whites HandyFence Wires and Tie Wires are an economical solution for hobby farms and smaller rural properties.

It’s made from galvanised wire for longer life.

HandyFence Wires are available in 2.5mm (medium tensile) or 3mm (soft) wire diameters.

Tie Wires are available in 1.57mm, 2mm and 2.5mm (soft) wire diameters.

Safety Tips:

  • These coils have been tightly wound and may recoil on opening.
  • There may also be sharp points.
  • It’s recommended to use safety glasses and gloves to avoid injury.
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Code Product Name Length (m)Length (mm)FinishWire Diameter (mm)

Soft, Standard Galvanised

3200 Std Galvanised 1.57

Soft, Standard Galvanised

2000 Std Galvanised 2.0

Soft, Standard Galvanised

1300 Std Galvanised 2.5

Soft Wire

250 Galvanised 3.0

Medium Tensile

300 Galvanised 2.5

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