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Pea & Bean Frames

  • Easy to use and DIY friendly
  • Sturdy support trellis
  • Large growing capacity frame OR small space ladder model
  • Complete kit


Whites Pea & Bean Frame features a complete 1.8m wide trellis frame, which includes:

  • 7 x 1.8m garden stakes
  • 3 x 3-way connectors
  • 1 x trellis netting

It provides a sturdy support for peas, beans, cucumbers and other climbers and a large growing capacity of 1.8m x 1.8m on both sides of the frame.

Building the Frame

    1. Insert stake ends into connectors to build three sets of legs.
    2. Position legs and dip into place along top rail.

Attaching Netting

    1. Place trellis netting over the top rail and pull taut.
    2. Secure netting at the base and sides.


  • Trellis netting is not designed to be used as bird netting.

Whites Pea & Bean Ladder Kit is an easy to assemble frame, ideal for most climbing flowers, plants and vegetables.
Simply screw the stakes together and click the clips to connect the rungs on the ladder. Then push it into the ground to start planting.

  • Stands 2m high.

Safety tip:

  • Do not use as a climbing apparatus.
Code Product Name Height (mm)Length (mm)FinishColour

Pea & Bean Frame Kit

1800 1800 PVC Coated Green

Jumbo Pea & Bean Frame – NZ only

1800 3600 PVC Coated Green

Pea & Bean Ladder Stake Kit

2000 PVC Coated Green

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