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Garden Up® Irrigation Kits

Pre-Assembled Kit

  • Water up to 15 plants at once
  • Add a timer for automatic watering
  • Suits Garden Up Freestanding and Wall
  • Installs in minutes

water and time-saving solution

Instant Dripper Line Watering System

Whites Pre-Assembled Irrigation Kit is a simple solution that is easily incorporated into both Garden Up Freestanding and Garden Up Wall systems as a great water and time-saving solution. You can even add a timer for automatic watering to allow you to multi-task.

It’s an ideal watering system for vertical gardens, vegie patches and raised garden beds.

Installs in minutes!

  • To suit Garden Up Wall vertical garden kit – the three pre-assembled branches fit neatly across the three pots.
  • To suit Garden Up Freestanding vertical garden kit – add two more pre-assembled branches (included in the pack) and fit neatly across five pots.
  • Simply attach to a regular garden tap using the tap adaptor included.

Handy Hints:

  • To extend the reach of the Irrigation Kit, replace the first 130cm section with a longer length of vinyl tubing (6mm).
  • Avoid over-pressuring the system by not turning the tap to full.
  • Click on the instructions image in the photo gallery above for further information.
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Irrigation Pre-assembled Dripper Kit

15 plants

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