Whites Group

Tapes & Reflective Deterrents

Reflective Shapes

  • Deter birds without harm
  • Easily hangs from branches
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Highly reflective
  • Available at selected Bunnings stores only. Please check with your local store.

highly reflective bird deterrent

Whites Reflecta Twists offer a quick and easy way to deter birds from your garden.
Simply attach to a tree or post, they spin in the wind and reflect in the daylight.
The movement and reflective surface deter birds without harming them.
The Reflecta Twists measure 300mm long and are available in packs of 6.
Light and wind activated

Whites Reflective Owl and Bell has a light-reflective body, large eyes and wind activated bells that work together to deter birds.
Simply hang from a tree or pole and the colour and movement activated by the environment does the rest.

Whites Bird Scare Balloon is an inflatable balloon with “scare eyes” design and a light reflective ribbon.


    • Place reflective “eyes” in centre of each black circle
    • Attach string to top and ribbon to bottom
    • Install in visible position
    • Do not over-inflate
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Code Product Name Length (mm)Diameter (mm)Pack Qty

Reflective Owl and Bell

220 - 1

Bird Scare Balloon

- 600 1

Reflecta Twists

300 - 6

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