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Roof & Insulation Mesh

Roof and Insulation Mesh

  • Roof Mesh
  •  –Rigorously tested to Australian Standards
  •  – Reliable, safe protection from serious injury
  •  – Quality at the right price
  • Insulation Mesh
  •  – Lightweight mesh
  •  – Supports and holds insulation in place

safety mesh for roofing

Whites Roof Mesh is designed to retain insulation while providing a quality fall barrier for employees during installation and maintenance. With a wire diameter of 2mm and aperture of 300 x 150mm, it’s ideal for large and small roofing applications, including warehouses, factories, shopping centres, schools, offices and sheds.

Whites Roof Mesh is continually tested to ensure that every roll is made to the highest standards to be always reliable and safe. It complies with and exceeds the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4389: 2015. It also exceeds the minimum tensile requirements of 500MPa.


supports and holds insulation in place

Whites Insulation Mesh is designed to support and hold insulation in place. Its light weight makes it easy to use. With a wire diameter of 1.2mm and aperture of 115 x 100mm it’s ideal for most roofing applications including warehouses, factories, shopping centres, schools, offices and sheds.

To view the step by step instructions, click on the ‘Installation guide’ images in the photo gallery at the top of this page.


Handy Hints:

  • Before installation, check with local code of practice for safe work on roofs.
  • Beware of recoil and sharp edges.
  • Always wear eye protection and gloves when handling.
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Code Product Name Length (m)Width (mm)Aperture (mm)Wire Diameter (mm)Finish

Roof Mesh

50 1800 300 x 150 2.0 Galvanised

Insulation Mesh

50 1800 115 x 100 1.2 Galvanised

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