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Soft Touch Plant Ties

Twistable Soft Plant Ties

  • Soft and gentle on stems
  • Strong enough for training climbers
  • Re-usable & adjustable

multiple uses for home and Yard

Whites Soft Foam Wire Tie is ideal for training climbing plants and vegetables.
It has a soft foam with twistable wire core, making it easy to use and soft and gentle on stems.
With its adjustable and re-usable feature, it allows for multiple uses around the home and yard.
It’s available in 250mm length and in packs of 15.

Whites Twistable Soft Ties are soft pliable ties for gently securing plants.
They are strong, durable and easy to use.
Available in two ranges: Green in 5mm diameter and Black in 7mm diameter.
Also available in pre-cut lengths.

Code Product Name Length (m)Width (mm)Length (mm)ColourPack Qty

Twistable Soft Ties

5 5 - Green -

Twistable Soft Ties

5 7 - Black -

Soft Foam Ties

- - 250 Green 15

Soft Foam Ties

- - 200 Green -

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