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Builders Mesh

Brick layers' favourites. Woven wire Bricktor or welded wire brick mesh.

BrickTor Galvanised Woven Mesh

  • Use to bond, strengthen and reinforce brickwork
  • Reduces cracking in corners and straight walls
  • Galvanised
  • Soft and flexible


Whites BrickTor is a galvanised woven mesh that provides joint flexibility and reinforcement when completing brickwork. When used as a bond, it will reduce cracking in corners and straight walls.

Code Product Name Length (mm)Height (mm)Finish

Bricktor Galvanised Woven

46 70 Galvanised

Galvanised Welded Brick Mesh

  • Use to bond, strengthen and reinforce brickwork
  • Reduces cracking in corners and straight walls
  • Welded for extra strength
  • Bonds brickwork
  • Galvanised for long life in Australian conditions


Whites Brick Mesh is the perfect mesh for bonding and strengthening brick and concreting work, Robust welded mesh provides a rigid and strong hold.

Code Product Name Length (mm)Height (mm)Finish

Brickmesh Galvanised Welded

46 70 Galvanised

Vermin Netting

  • 13mm aperture prevents pest entry
  • Easy to bend and mould
  • Galvanised for long life in Australian Conditions


Whites Vermin Netting is flexible netting that allows adequate ventilation in confined areas whilst keeping the pests out. Easy to bend and mould to any shape, it is supplied in a galvanised finish for a longer service life.

Code Product Name Length (m)Height (mm)Aperture (cm)Wire Diameter (mm)Finish

Vermin Netting

46 15 1.3 0.56 Galvanised
Brick wall

Building Ties

Holding it all together.
Cavity wall ties, W Ties and V Ties.

Explore Building Ties

Wall Ties

  • Made to the Australian Standard
  • 175mm - Suits max. cavity width 60mm
  • 230mm - Suits max. cavity width 120mm

Used in the construction of double brick and brick veneer walls

Red (Extra Heavy Hot Dip Galvanised)
Made from 470g/m2 heavily galvanised wire to comply with AS/NZS2699???2000 Durability classification R3 down to R0 rating according to AS/NZS2699.1:2000

Stainless Steel
Made from grade 316 stainless steel wire to comply with AS2699???2000 Durability classification R4 down according to AS/NZS2699.1:2000

Code Product Name Height (mm)Wire Diameter (mm)SuitsPack QtyColourFinish

Wall Ties – Red Medium

175 3.0 120mm cavity width 250 Red 470gsm heavy galvanised

Wall Ties – Red Medium

175 3.0 60mm cavity width 500 Red 470gsm heavy galvanised

Wall Ties – Red Heavy

230 4.0 120mm cavity width 250 Red 470gsm heavy galvanised

Wall Ties – S/Steel Medium

230 3.15 60mm cavity width 250 - 316 Stainless Steel

W Ties

  • Galvanised steel connectors
  • Ideal for securing purlins, rafters and trusses in high wind areas

Specified for use in cyclone-prone areas

Also available as 'V'Ties for high wind areas

Code Product Name Wire Diameter (mm)Pack Qty

Building ‘W’ Ties

3.15 100

V Ties

  • Galvanised steel connectors
  • Ideal for securing purlins, rafters and trusses in high wind areas

Specified for use in cyclone-prone areas

Also available as 'W' Ties in high wind areas

Code Product Name Wire Diameter (mm)Pack Qty

Building Tie “V” (Qld)

3.15 100

Builder's Buckets & Tubs

Flexible and robust. Knock'em around.Some of the toughest builder's buckets available. Huge range to choose from.
Builders Essentials 1

Explore Builder's Buckets & Tubs

Builders Tubs

  • Flexible
  • Made from 95% recycled plastic
  • Ideal for mixing concrete and renders

great for heavy trade use

Whites Builders Tubs are trade quality tough tubs that are ideal for rough trade applications such as mixing concretes and renders.
Made from 95 percent recycled material, these tubs are flexible and will stand up to heavy trade use.

Code Product Name SizeSuitsColour

Mortar Mixing Tub – Rectangular

60L Mortar Mixing Black

Mortar Mixing Tub – Round

65L Mortar Mixing Black
duct tape final

Duct Tape

Mending, joining, repairing. Water resistant seals. So many uses.

Explore Duct Tape

Duct Tape

  • Excellent general purpose mending tape
  • Creates a water resistant seal
  • For joining and repairing duct work

Seals, joins and repairs

Whites Duct Tape is a great general purpose mending and joining tape. Also available in heavy duty version.


Code Product Name Length (m)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Colour

PVC Duct Tape

30 48 .13 Grey

Heavy Duty Duct Tape

  • Heavy duty
  • Provides a stronger hold
  • Creates a water resistant seal

heavy duty for stronger hold

Whites Heavy Duty Duct Tape is extra thick for a stronger hold. It creates a water resistant seal and is great for joining and repairing duct work. Can also be used as a general purpose mending tape.


Code Product Name Length (m)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Colour

PVC Duct Tape Heavy Duty

30 48 .15 Grey

Safety Accessories

High visibility.Safety is a must on all building sites.Ideal for around the home, office and farm.
12327 Orange Post Caps 2

Explore Safety Accessories

Site Safety Hooks

  • For ropes, cables, hoses and leads
  • Strong plastic hook holds up to nine leads
  • Hooks over pipes, doors and rails
  • High visibility
  • Pack of 4


Whites Safety Hooks are highly visible yellow hooks that are ideal for holding leads or cords up and out of harms way.

Able to hold up to 9 leads or cords off the floor at a time, these Safety Hooks can be conveniently hung off doors, pipes and rails around the work site. Available in a pack of 4.

Code Product Name Pack QtyColour

Site Safety Hooks

4 Yellow

Post Safety Caps

  • Highly visible
  • Featuring "BarGrip" system to stay in place
  • Protect from edges
  • Fits Reo Bar size 12-20mm


Whites Reo Post caps provide a safe and highly visible cap for protruding reo bars.

The caps are bright orange and feature the unique 'bargrip' system that ensures a snug fit every time.

Code Product Name Pack QtyColour

Post Caps – Orange

10 Orange
silt stop

Sediment Control

Sturdy, mesh barrier. Temporary control measure for sediment and erosion.

Explore Sediment Control

Silt Stop

  • For erosion and sediment control
  • Robust, woven polypropylene mesh
  • UV stabilised


Whites Silt Fence is a sturdy, yet temporary mesh barrier that is suitable for use on construction and landscape sites.

The Silt Fence provides protection for the water in nearby streams, rivers or lakes as well as aiding in the control of erosion and movement of sediment.

Code Product Name Length (m)Width (mm)Colour

Silt Stop Silt Fence

100 860 Green

Silt Stop Silt Fence

50 860 Green


Dancing appliances causing you headaches?

Reduce vibration, suppress noise and protect surfaces with Anti-Vibration Pads. Simply place them under washing machines, air-conditioners or compressors and your headache's gone. 🙂

Made from recycled material and available in a range of sizes to suit your appliance at your local @bunnings
Anti-Vibration Squares: (code: 3961977)
Painting this weekend?

Get a multi-purpose protective cover!
Protect your floorboards from paint, protect yourself and your furniture.

Medium duty tarps are durable, tear, water and UV-resistant, so many uses around the home and yard. Available in multiple sizes to suit your needs.

DM us or comment below for more info.
Laying concrete slab?

Our reo sheets are ute-sized and easy to handle. Ideal for shed slabs and paths.

For more info on concreting, see comment below.
Secure netting in seconds!

2 easy steps to join wire netting together, safely & neatly:
- Place netting clip in the netting plier's special groove.
- Squeeze the handles to close the clip.

Handy for building an enclosure or attaching netting to line wires.
Available in 16mm and 19mm clips and matching pliers.

Watch this quick video or for more info, ask away!
Create a tight tie comfortably - in seconds!

Tighten rod ties easily with spiralling action rod tying tool. Features a comfortable grip that won't slip. Great for concreting or tying jobs around your home.

Available in short or long handle to suit your needs.

For more info, ask away!
Have you got the drive?

Mini and mighty 💪 Lil' Driver 
Handy enough to have around when you need it. Tough enough to drive your steel posts and stakes! Thanks @adamhwoodhams 👏

Available at your local @@bunnings 
Lil' Driver (code: 0139521)
Pretty, pink terrarium toppers! 

Cute colour contrast. Add pebbles to highlight any plants for a creative a centre-piece. Thanks for the pic Donna May.

Available in metallic pink, green, blue, gold and silver.
For more info, ask away...

Creative DIY indoor plant display!
As natural as it gets. Use cotton twine and glass jars, add water then place your fave plants.

Twist Cotton Twine is 100% biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.
Thanks for your crafty work @elisabethgardengirl.
Screening in style

Add an architecturally-inspired screen with rustic appeal.
Decorate your garden with a feature panel for privacy that lets the sun shine through. Interlocking edging strips complete the look. Thanks for the share @mumma_gee_gee

Available at your local @bunnings
Oxy-Shield screen - Rainforest (code: 0054756)
Oxy-Shield edging strips 200mm (code: 3042362)
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