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Whites Group has been proudly supplying fencing, landscaping and garden décor products into the Australian marketplace for over forty years.

Since 1972, when Jack White began re-winding and reselling tie wire, Whites earned its reputation as The Wire Specialists, developing ranges of protective and decorative fencing that met the needs of commercial, domestic and rural properties nationally.

Global sourcing capabilities brought locally-designed solutions to the Australian market further extending Whites ranging into landscaping design, plant training and gardening solutions.

Today the vision continues under the Whites Thinking Outside brand bringing clever solutions to outside projects, so when you’re thinking outside you think Whites.

Featured Products

Brian’s Blog – a self-confessed non-expert, Brian relies on his vast experience and sense of adventure to grow the best vegies and plants at home.

Click on the link below for his latest blog and to see what he’s been up to.


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Maintain & protect! Keep weeds out and mulch in. Tree trunk protection with a rustic style. Installs in seconds, just interlock and tap in place. 

Available at your local @bunnings 
Oxy-Shield tree ring (code: 3321619)

Define your space! Separate garden beds and pathways while adding rustic style to your backyard. Keep it clean and easier to maintain at the same time.

Oxy-Shield is easy to install. See how @elisabethgardengirl does it.

Available at your local @bunnings
Oxy-Shield interlocking edging 130mm high (code: 0056596)
Oxy-Shield interlocking edging 200m high (code: 3042362)

Whites, pastels, magentas and purples, Sweet Peas are great for gardens or bouquets.

Get planting now for a colourful bloom of Sweet Peas in spring. Not to mention their beautiful fragrance.

Support these climbers with this decorative, strong and easy to assemble obelisk. Check out @elisabethgardengirl's full video for details.

Available at your local @bunnings
Geo Pyramid Obelisk (code: 0139470)