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Whites Group has been proudly supplying fencing, landscaping and garden décor products into the Australian marketplace for over forty years.

Since 1972, when Jack White began re-winding and reselling tie wire, Whites earned its reputation as The Wire Specialists, developing ranges of protective and decorative fencing that met the needs of commercial, domestic and rural properties nationally.

Global sourcing capabilities brought locally-designed solutions to the Australian market further extending Whites ranging into landscaping design, plant training and gardening solutions.

Today the vision continues under the Whites Thinking Outside brand bringing clever solutions to outside projects, so when you’re thinking outside you think Whites.

Featured Products

Brian’s Blog – a self-confessed non-expert, Brian relies on his vast experience and sense of adventure to grow the best vegies and plants at home.

Click on the link below for his latest blog and to see what he’s been up to.


For ideas and inspiration


Pretty, pink terrarium toppers! 

Cute colour contrast. Add pebbles to highlight any plants for a creative a centre-piece. Thanks for the pic Donna May.

Available in metallic pink, green, blue, gold and silver.
For more info, ask away...

Creative DIY indoor plant display!
As natural as it gets. Use cotton twine and glass jars, add water then place your fave plants.

Twist Cotton Twine is 100% biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. Thanks for your crafty work @elisabethgardengirl.

Available at your local @bunnings 
Code: 0188966
Screening in style

Add an architecturally-inspired screen with rustic appeal.
Decorate your garden with a feature panel for privacy that lets the sun shine through. Interlocking edging strips complete the look. Thanks for the share @mumma_gee_gee

Available at your local @bunnings
Oxy-Shield screen - Rainforest (code: 0054756)
Oxy-Shield edging strips 200mm (code: 3042362)

Understated elegance!
Train and support your Marigolds to keep them upright as they bloom. These trainers easily push into soil and are ready to grow. Thanks for this beautiful creation @connieandluna.

Available at your local @bunnings:
V-Shape Fan Trainer - White 45cm (code: 0205112)
V-Shape Fan Trainer - Pink 45cm (code: 0205113)
V-Shape Fan Trainer - Green 45cm (code: 0205114)

Whether it's for a garden shed, garage or driveway, laying a concrete slab is an easy DIY job you can do yourself, in (less than) a day.

Check out the steps in this quick video. For more info, see comment below.

Available at your local @bunnings:
Rib bars (code: 0910511)
Form work stakes (code: 1060327)
Reo mesh sheet (code: 1060409)
Bar chairs (code: 1090276)
Rod tie (code: 1142269)
Rod tying tools (code: 5822148)
Pebbles are the perfect pot toppers!

Decorative mulch with natural hues. Your potted cacti or succulents shine through.

Pebble Mix keeps plants warm all year-round. Handy Tip: In hotter months, ensure the pebbles don’t touch the stems or trunk to avoid colour rot or sun burn.

Available at your local @bunnings
Pebble Mix (code: 3452482)

Vibrant vines! Offer sturdy support for flowers to climb on. The green colour blends well with the leaves and the garden, making your vines shine. Thanks for the pic Connie (and @katrinamurray66).

What's your fave climbing plants?

Available at your local @bunnings
Flower Frame 3 ring 60cm (code: 3320969)
Flower Frame 3 ring 75cm (code: 3320970)
Flower Frame 4 ring 90cm (code: 3320971)
The weight holds it in place!

Hanging baskets, planter boxes, garden hose or bikes mounted in seconds. Superb for vertical gardening or tidying up your yard, keeping things off the floor. Suits standard 75mm brick height with raked channels. Thanks for sharing @gak62

Available at your local @bunnings
Lock-in Brick Bracket (code: 3000301)