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Whites Group has been proudly supplying fencing, landscaping and garden décor products into the Australian marketplace for over forty years.

Since 1972, when Jack White began re-winding and reselling tie wire, Whites earned its reputation as The Wire Specialists, developing ranges of protective and decorative fencing that met the needs of commercial, domestic and rural properties nationally.

Global sourcing capabilities brought locally-designed solutions to the Australian market further extending Whites ranging into landscaping design, plant training and gardening solutions.

Today the vision continues under the Whites Thinking Outside brand bringing clever solutions to outside projects, so when you’re thinking outside you think Whites.

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Brian’s Blog – a self-confessed non-expert, Brian relies on his vast experience and sense of adventure to grow the best vegies and plants at home.

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5 easy ways to deter garden pests!
Excellent for protecting your garden from birds, rodents, possums and other wildlife. Easy to install, cost-effective and humane. Thanks @elisabethgardengirl

Which other wildlife do you need to steer away from your fruits or veggies?

Available at your local @bunnings store
(codes: Scare tape holographic 3041147, Scare tape red 3042330, Humming tape 3041148, Reflecta twists 0056595, Dig Stop 3041139)
Your favourite plant, centre-stage!
Natural stones and steel edging combo, make your special plant a feature in your garden. Perfect DIY weekend project. Thanks Neville @thegardengurus

Available at your local @bunnings (codes: Interlocking Steel Edging 3321458, Bright Whites: 3452463, Polished Black: 0135346)
Pyramid power!
Geo Pyramid Obelisk is "next level tomato plant support" according to @lisa_harper_designs so why not have 2 (or more)?
Superb for supporting tomatoes, peas, beans and most climbers. Looks fantastic in the garden too.
Available at @bunnings (code: 0139470)