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Brian’s Blog – a self-confessed non-expert, Brian relies on his vast experience and sense of adventure to grow the best vegies and plants at home.

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2 easy ways to secure your gates!

Both are traditional and convenient to use, great for small and large gates. Which do you prefer? Either way both are galvanised for longer life.

Simply thread the chain through the gate, screw into timber post and either:
1️⃣ Place the ring latch pin around the catch... or
2️⃣ Drop the latch pin into the eyelet...
 to secure!

Check these out & the rest of our gate fitting range at @bunnings
Make tying reo mesh together quickly & comfortably! 👍

Watch how easy it is to create a tight tie with Rod ties and Rod tying tool. 

🛠️ Rod Ties feature looped ends for fast tying - available in black annealed or galvanised wire for longer life
🛠️ Rod Tying Tool features rubber grip for comfort - available in short or long handle to suit your needs
Did you know ❓

Our Reo Bars are approved to AS/NZS 4671:2001 - Made to strength Grade 500L. ☑️

Perfect for preparing concreting applications. 👷👷‍♀️ The ribbed profile improves bonding to concrete and minimises concrete cracking.

The AU Std's range includes:
71731 - Reo Bar Corner 12mm 300x300mm
71732 - Reo Bar 12 x 300mm 5pk
71747 - Reo Bar 12 x 450mm 5pk
71761 - Reo Bar 12 x 600mm 5pk
71748 - Reo Bar Hot Dip Gal 12x 450mm 5pk 
71766 - Reo Bar 1800mm x 12mm
71767 - Reo Bar Hot Dip Gal 1800mm x 12mm
71768 - Reo Wire 1800mm x 7mm 3pk
71790 - Dowel Bar 12mmx400mm 5pk

Grab yours from @bunnings
6️⃣ things you need...

to prep your concrete slab, easier!

👉 Rod ties - Looped ends make tying quicker
👉 Rod tying tool - Smooth spiralling action w/ comfortable grip 
👉 Reo bars - Ribbed profile improves bonding to concrete
👉 Reo mesh sheets - Handy pre-cut size for small jobs
👉 Formwork stakes - Pre-drilled holes for quicker applications
👉 Bar chairs - Convenient clip-on system, made in Australia

Available in various sizes to suit many concreting jobs.
Deter them, don't hurt them! 🐦🐁

Birds or rodents making a mess or destroying your garden? Keep them away and prevent costly damage with these 2 easy to use & humane deterrents: Stainless steel pest spikes or Pest fence spikes.

Watch as Bonnie talks us through them.
As seen on @thegardengurus
Not much space? Not a problem!

Bring greenery and nature in your bathroom without requiring floor or bench space. Hang your potted plants using Hanging Basket Chains. 🍀☘️🌱

Quick & easy to install and suit most hanging baskets or plastic pots. Match the chains with your pots or bathroom colour scheme, also available in black. ⛓️

Head to @bunnings to start your vertical, space-saving gardening.