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Whites Group has been proudly supplying fencing, landscaping and garden décor products into the Australian marketplace for over forty years.

Since 1972, when Jack White began re-winding and reselling tie wire, Whites earned its reputation as The Wire Specialists, developing ranges of protective and decorative fencing that met the needs of commercial, domestic and rural properties nationally.

Global sourcing capabilities brought locally-designed solutions to the Australian market further extending Whites ranging into landscaping design, plant training and gardening solutions.

Today the vision continues under the Whites Thinking Outside brand bringing clever solutions to outside projects, so when you’re thinking outside you think Whites.

thinking outside

Featured Products

Brian’s Blog – a self-confessed non-expert, Brian relies on his vast experience and sense of adventure to grow the best vegies and plants at home.

Click on the link below for his latest blog and to see what he’s been up to.


Instagram post 2187609227191505620_3515776003 Protect your precious plants from your playful pets! Team up Ultrapost with Pro Series dog mesh for an easy and safe barrier.
Available at your local @bunnings
Instagram post 2182538282181393264_3515776003 Make gardening fun for kids! Introduce bright & colourful plant support to engage your little ones in the garden. Wire Tomato Cage comes in purple, aqua, lime, red & yellow. Watch Bonnie as she supports her Zucchini Tromboncino!
Available at selected @bunnings stores. #whitesthinkingoutside #bunnings #plantsupport
Instagram post 2182459460612866826_3515776003 Get water efficient with water restrictions! Water smart pots from Garden Up conserve excess water and prevent over-watering. Garden Up Mix ‘n’ Match - available at your local @bunnings store. #whitesthinkingoutside #bunnings #gardenup
Instagram post 2177468332260716456_3515776003 1 way to refresh your garden during this hot & dry weather is to decorate with Diamond Edging Panel - doubles as a garden trellis! Being Modular, you can keep adding interlocking panels as you wish. Perfect for flower beds, paths or even driveways.
Available at @bunnings. Check them out in stores.
Instagram post 2171014716338624546_3515776003 An easy solution for a great looking retaining wall or garden border! Retain-iT system offers a snug fit so you can easily drop in and secure your timber sleepers. Recessed, curved edge for improved safety, galvanised steel for longer life. Thanks for sharing Brian M!
Available at your local @bunnings for up to 4 sleeper heights. #whitesthinkingoutside #retainit
Instagram post 2165188508669651458_3515776003 Natural stone look with its timeless charm! Add a distinctive & contemporary style to your poolside or outdoor area. Our stone textured Terrazzo Screens come in Sandstone or Charcoal colours.
Available at selected @bunnings now. #whitesthinkingoutside #bunnings
Instagram post 2162247238855997889_3515776003 Build yourself a privacy screen this weekend! A professional looking privacy screen is as easy as 1-2-3. Watch this clip for the before and after.
Available at @bunnings #whitesthinkingoutside #screenup
Instagram post 2162228804998966437_3515776003 Protect your precious plants from pests! Laser Solar Owl provides an all day protection in your garden. Thanks for sharing @elisabethgardengirl 
Available at @bunnings #whitesthinkingoutside
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