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Pegs & Pins

Peg it or pin it.
Irrigation tubes, weedmat, artificial turf, mesh and netting - there's a peg or a pin to keep it place.
turf peg

Turf Pegs

  • Colour-matched to turf
  • Holds turf firmly in place
  • Strong, durable, long-lasting
  • Easy to install chisel point pierces cleanly

Secures synthetic turf

Whites Turf Pegs features strong steel pins for securing all types of landscaping fabric, including synthetic turf.
Easy to install and drive in via the sharp chiseled point, which provide a clean pierce.
These Pegs should be used every 50cm for an effective hold.
The Galvanised finish is coated with Green PVC coating to help blend in with Green fabrics.
Available in handy size of 20 per pack or bulk pack of 100.

Irrigation Pins

  • Holds irrigation tube firmly in place
  • Galvanised - all-weather pins
  • Suits up to 30mm tube
  • Available in 2 pack sizes

Secures Irrigation

Whites Irrigation Pins are strong, durable, long lasting pins designed for securing irrigation tubing.
Holds irrigation tubing up to 30mm in place and is Galvanised to last in Australian conditions.
It comes in handy size of 10 per pack or bulk pack of 100.

Weed Mat Pins

  • Holds weed mats firmly in place
  • Strong, durable, long-lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Available in 2 types

Secures Weedmat

Whites Weedmat Pins are designed for securing weed mats and other landscaping fabrics.

Weed Mat Steel Pins are easy to install and drive in via a sharp chiseled point, which provides a clean pierce.
Made from Galvanised wire.
These come in handy size of 20 per pack or bulk pack of 100.

Weed Mat Poly Pins simply press into weedmat, the arrow-head design provides secure fixing of weed mat.
Made from Black coloured poly plastic. These are available in 20 pack size.
Weedmat pins should be used every 50cm for an effective hold.


Mesh and Netting Anchors

  • Ground anchors for mesh & netting
  • Protect plants from small animals
  • Galvanised wire for mesh and netting
  • PVC for anti-bird netting
  • Quick and easy to install

For holding down steel mesh and netting

Whites Mesh & Netting Fence Anchors are designed to hold down mesh and netting at ground level.
They are designed to provide additional protection from animals digging and pushing up garden borders and fencing. Available in packs of 20.
For holding down anti-bird netting to protect wildlife.

Whites Bird Netting Anchor Pegs provide a strong anchor system for holding down anti-bird netting.
With a unique hook system, these ribbed pegs will provide the perfect anchors for large anti-bird nets, to protect wildlife and prevent entry into the netting enclosure.
The Green colour blends well in the garden. Available in packs of 10.


accessories 2

Felt & Hessian

Felt and hessian are commonly used as mulches to save time watering and weeding. Hessian is a natural product with additional uses in craft or for screening/protecting plants.

Felt Water Saver

  • Saves water
  • Suits all pot shapes and sizes
  • Can be cut to desired length and shape
  • Available in 1.5m roll
  • Available at selected Bunnings stores only. Please check with your local store.

FELT water saver

Whites Felt Water Saver slowly releases stored water over time as your plants require.
Simply place along the base and sides of pots or window boxes to absorb and save water.
Easy to use - just trim to the desired length and shape.
Available in 1.5m rolls and is suitable for all pot shapes and sizes.


Felt Mulch Ring

  • Prevents weeds without chemicals
  • Ideal for gardens, lawns and pots
  • Cut to shape and locks in moisture


Whites Felt Mulch Ring creates a natural barrier against weeds while locking in moisture and reducing watering.
It is easily trimmed to fit around the base of trees and shrubs or most pots and in-ground situations.
For a decorative finish and best results, remove lawn and 1cm of soil around the base of trees or shrubs then cover with your choice of mulch: wood-chip, gravel or pebbles.


  • For protecting root balls during tree transplanting
  • Use as a mulch or screen
  • Ideal for craft use

Natural, biodegradable, versatile

Whites offers natural biodegradable hessian, which can be used for a variety of purposes including protecting and screening plants, as part of a mulch system, and other craft applications.

PVC Netting & Barrier Mesh

Protect new plants and lawns, erect an easy trellis, screen off balconies, cordon off areas at events. PVC mesh and netting is UV stabilised, strong and long-lasting.
landscape barrier insitu
supa net pic 50mm Green

Explore PVC Netting & Barrier Mesh


  • Virtually invisible when installed
  • Chemical resistant and rot proof
  • Easy to cut, shape and install
  • UV stabilised for long life
  • Available at selected Bunnings stores only - Please check with your local store.

super strong yet virtually invisible

Whites Supa-Net is made from bi-oriented plastic to create a safe protective net that is high in strength and lightweight.
The fine mesh is virtually invisible when installed.
Its high tensile strength means it can be made lighter and less obtrusive than traditional plastic netting, yet still retain its robustness.
It's easy to cut and shape and is installed using staples or loop ties.

So many uses:

  • Plant support
  • Rigid enough to use as a trellis on walls and fences
  • Light-weight garden fencing and partitioning

Handy Hints:

  • Animals may be able to chew through plastic netting.
  • Size may vary due to the thermoplastic nature of the netting and some light trimming of edges may be required.
  • It's not recommended for use as anti-bird netting.


Grid Mesh

  • Heavy duty & high tensile
  • Suitable for plant support or temporary fencing
  • Easy to handle, can be cut to size
  • Available at Bunnings New Zealand only. Please check with your local NZ store.


Whites Multi-Purpose Grid Mesh is a heavy duty plastic mesh with high tensile strength.

Suitable for:

  • temporary fencing between posts
  • growing climbing vegetables and flowers along a fence line
  • robust anti-slip solution for slippery surfaces;  it provides a safe and secure anti-slip walking surface for all wooden surfaced boardwalks, decks, bridges and marine access ways, in all weather conditions.

Made from UV resistant polypropylene that's designed for the harsh New Zealand outdoors.
It's easy to handle and install, can be easily cut to size with heavy scissors, snips or secateurs.
Measures 900mm high on a 5m roll with a 30x30mm aperture.
Staple against the shoulder of the cross on the grid mesh to reduce movement as shown on 2nd photo above.

Landscape Barrier

  • Strong and durable
  • Decorative green
  • Easily staked for instant boundaries

Protective and decorative

Whites Landscape Barrier is ideal for protecting new plants, lawns and cordoning off for social and sporting events.
Strong and durable UV stabilised material is easily installed using regular stakes, White Ultraposts or Garden Posts.
Available in decorative green to co-ordinate with outdoor surrounds.

Handy Hints:

  • To install:
    • Tie to Whites Ultraposts, Garden Stakes or Landscapers Stakes
    • Attach to the unique lug system found on Whites Site Post or Garden Posts


DIY raised garden bed!
Build your own this weekend with Retain-iT HD system. Easy to use - simply drop in your timber sleepers, no fasteners required.
Watch as Nigel shows you how, featured on @thegardengurus.
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Think natural & sustainable!
Multi-purpose natural fibre twines and ropes, part of our new Naturals range. Great for garden use and your craftiest projects. Environmentally friendly, recyclable and biodegradable. Thanks for the images @elisabethgardengirl
Available at @bunnings @bunningsnz
Natural weathered steel is a standout in any garden! ✅
Achieve this look with our Oxy-Shield Podium rings and Edging strips. Rustic, earthy tones enhance over time. Superb work @jamesbobbargoquinn, thanks for sharing!👍

Oxy-Shield - available at your local @bunnings
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DM us if you'd to know more. 😊
We’re thinking naturally!
See our new range of natural fibre twines and ropes.
Versatile for use in the garden and for your craftiest projects. Biodegradable, recyclable & environmentally friendly.

Available at @bunnings @bunningsnz
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