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holding power in all soils

Secure guylines, groundsheets and tarps with ease. Great for camping, worksites or general home use. Choose from traditional steel wire for driving-in, or screw pegs for different soils.

Drive-in Tent Pegs

Hammer them in. Attach rope to secure items. Easy to drive round wire pegs are the traditional style. Flat stake can also be used to secure timber edging. Also available in glow in the dark models.
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Traditional Steel Tent Pegs

  • Secure tarps, tents and ropes to the ground
  • Strong and versatile
  • Available in 4 sizes


Whites Tent Pegs secure guylines, groundsheet, tarps etc. These are available in 4 different sizes to suit various applications:

  • Strong, lightweight and versatile (4mm) - This tent peg is lightweight for easy carrying and is ideal for camping and recreation purposes. Also, it is galvanised for long life.
  • High strength - suitable for harder ground (7mm & 8mm) - These tent pegs have durable round bars, also ideal for camping and recreation purposes.
  • Superior strength - heady duty (12mm) - This tent peg is zinc plated, ideal for permanent fixing applications.


Sand Peg

  • Heavy Duty
  • V-shape angled profile
  • Loop hook

heavy duty holding in sand

Whites Heavy duty Sand Peg provides great holding power in sand or loose soils.
The thick steel section prevents the peg deforming when hammering.
The steel loop is ideal for securing guy ropes.

Glow in the Dark Tent Pegs

  • Solid Steel
  • Glow in the dark heads
  • 15pc pack
  • Handy Carry Case

safe, visible at night

Whites Glow in the Dark Tent Pegs featrure glow in the dark heads for safety at night.
The solid steel pegs hammer-in to hold securely.
supplied 15 pcs to a pack in a handy carry case.

Tent Peg Remover

  • Easy pull-action to remove tent pegs
  • Compact and convenient
  • Strong durable steel
  • Comfortable grip


Whites Tent Peg Remover easily hooks and removes tent pegs embedded in the ground.
Made from strong durable steel with a comfortable handle, it suits most tent pegs.


Edging Stakes

  • secures garden borders
  • robust steel design
  • hot dip galvanised reo for longer life OR galvanised flat-top stake


Whites Steel Edging Stakes are ideal for securing garden edges, formwork and tent guys.
The unique 'V' shape helps to resist bending, the flat top allows for easy driving and removal and the hole on the top enables easy screw or nail fixing.
It is made from high tensile Galvanised steel, for longer life and maximum corrosion resistance.
Secure Heavy Garden Borders
Whites Reo Bar Edging is a heavy duty reo bar ideal for securing heavy garden borders such as timber sleepers.
Hot dip galvanised for longer life.
Simply hammer into place.

Screw peg on beach

Screw-in Tent Pegs

Secure threading. PVC for looser, sandier soils or steel for harder grounds.

Screw-in Peg

  • Ideal for camping and recreation
  • Securely threads into sand or soil
  • Lightweight

FOR SECURING tarps, tents or ropes

Whites Screw Pegs easily thread into sand or soil to secure tarps, tents or ropes into the ground.
It's ideal for camping and recreation.
Each peg has two rope tie cleats, and the top hole accommodates a screwdriver to aid installation.
Lightweight polymer is strong and easy to carry.


Heavy Duty Screw-in Pegs

  • Heavy duty & high-visibility
  • Extra strong holding
  • Electro-galvanised finish
  • Convenient, handy storage case
  • Available at selected Bunnings stores only - Please check with your local store.

heavy duty and high visibility

Whites Heavy Duty Screw-in Pegs are perfect for use on marquees, gazebos, shelters or awnings.


    • extra strong holding ideal for hard and stony ground
    • an electro-galvanised finish for longer life
    • vibrant yellow tops for high visibilty
    • handy carry case conveniently stores the complete kit
    • mould top can also be screwed in using a drill (drill socket included)

    Kit includes: 15 screw pegs, a bonus drill socket and the handy storage case


Spiral Peg

  • Galvanised steel
  • Spiral shape for easy driving
  • 280mm long for a stronger hold

Spiral Peg

Whites Spiral Tent Peg is a sturdy steel screw anchor designed to drive into the ground quickly and easily - just twist to secure.
Galvanised for long life, they are ideal for securing tarps, tents and ropes to the ground.


Turn garden waste into garden nutrition!
Compost now - your vegie patch and fruit trees will love it.

Create your own simple compost bin in one afternoon this weekend using Ultraposts and Pro Series Netting. @thegardengurus 

Available at @bunnings
Ultrapost (code: 3041467) & ProSeries Chicken Netting (code: 0027961)

Want to know more, let us know!
Part 3 of our Top Tomato Tips!

@adamhwoodhams shows us some great tips on planting tomato seedlings.
For strong and sturdy support for your growing tomatoes, we have 4 easy to use tomato plant supports: Grip & Grow panels, Tomato mesh, Tomato cage & Vegie cage.

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Grip & Grow (code: 3042326), Tomato mesh (code: 3062639)
Tomato cage (code: 3321492), Vegie cage (code: 3321087)

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Ever thought of using pot stands as Christmas decor?

Watch how @elisabethgardengirl turns our Trivet Pot Stand into a wreath. Use your favourite florals, native plants or other craft items to make your own Christmas wreath.
Thanks for sharing Elisabeth!

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Green up and cool down!

Support climbing plants and cover hot, exposed walls this summer. Watch as Neville trains his Madagascan Jasmine to spread out and add greenery to his wall. Grip & Grow 3D Trellis & Garden Panel is a lightweight, modular and durable plant support. Easy to mount on walls, posts or fences.

Available at @bunnings (code: 0217255)

Featured on the @thegardengurus
Versatile garden benches - you can DIY in a day!

Easy to assemble Gabions, filled with natural rocks or pebbles and topped with your choice of stones or timber seating. Ideal for decorative garden borders or retaining walls too.

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Garden Gabion Cube (code: 0054571)