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Fencing Solutions

Keeping it in or keeping it out. Protecting what's inside from what's outside.

gear that makes it easier to

fence it in or fence it out

The right tools for the job. Fencing pliers, wire joiners, strainers and spinners, post drivers and lifters, post brackets, wire clips and ground anchors to make your fencing job easier.

Fencing Tools

Driving posts, lifting posts. Straining, twisting, cutting and joining wire. All the tools you need.
12101 strainer image insitu

Fencing Pliers & Tools

  • Strong, durable, and reliable
  • Made for fencing
  • Available in 2 styles

Handy size, easy to use

Whites Fencer's Tool is a convenient and easy to use tool for tying off wires up to 4mm in diameter. Simply thread the wire through the relevant gauge hole, twist and you have an instant tie for most fencing applications.

It fixes plain or barbed wire to steel fence posts. Easy to use, convenient size fits in your pocket. Each pack includes application tool.

Bullnose and Parrot Beak styles. Whites multi-use fencing pliers are strong, durable, and reliable to make fencing easy. Available in two styles:


  • 2 different wire grips
  • 3 wire cutters plenty of length to provide leverage
  • Long handles provide extra leverage

Parrot Beak

  • Cut, snip and crimp
  • Hammer and pull staples

For more rural fencing product see our selection on the Whites Rural website

Code Product Name Length (mm)FinishSuits

Fencing Pliers – Parrot Beak

250 - -

Fencing Pliers – 250mm Bull-nose

250 - -

Fencing Pliers – 300mm Bull-nose

300 - -

Fencer’s Tool

- Galvanised up to 4mm wire dia

Wire Joiners & Strainers

  • Wire Strainers - re-tighten fencing over time to prevent wire sag
    • Available in two styles
    • Galvanised steel construction
  • Wire Joiners - 1.8mm to 3.2mm wire
    • Use with soft or high tensile wire
    • Maximum load 4kN (900lb)

Permanent Wire Strainers & Joiner

Ratchet Style Permanent Wire Strainers

Galvanised steel ribbed frame

  • Smooth ratchet action
  • Up to 4.00mm wire
  • Tapered spool for ease of starting and aligning wire
  • 16mm (5/8") square drive
  • Stays on the fence line
  • Tighten wire when it sags - simply with a spanner
  • Available in 2pk at Bunnings stores

Handyman Style Permanent Wire Strainers

  • Cost-effective wire strainer
  • Up to 2.50mm wire
  • Stays on the fence line
  • Tighten wire when it sags - simply with a spanner

Joining Soft, Medium and High Tensile Wires

Whites Wire Joiners are strong and easy to use and ideal for joining and repairing wires quickly and safely. They securely lock in place.

They are designed to suit 1.8mm to 3.2mm wire and hold up to 900lb (4kN) of strain.


Code Product Name FinishPack QtySuits

Wire Joiner Medium

Alloy 2 1.8-3.2mm wire dia

Permanent Wire Strainer – Handyman


Permanent Wire Strainer – Ratchet


Permanent Wire Strainers – Ratchet*

Galvanised 2

* 12198 – available at Bunnings stores only.

Fence Strainers

  • Proven design
  • Easy to use tensioning tool
  • Strong durable construction
  • Available at Bunnings only. Please check with your local store.

Proven design, hard wearing and built to last

Whites Fence Wire Chain Strainer is a removable tool for fence straining. Enameled model - with wire clamp grip for fence line or hook for use at an end post.

Available in bright blue colour.

To strain:

  1. Insert chain into chain jaws (remove twist).
  2. Clamp wires with the wire grips at both ends.
  3. Crank the handle to tension.

For more rural fencing product see our selection on the Whites Rural website

Code Product Name FinishColour

Fence Wire Chain-type Strainer

Enamelled Blue

Post Drivers

  • Heavy steel construction
  • Weighted and reinforced steel head
  • Welded handles
  • Minimises damage to tops of fence posts
  • Enamelled steel version available at selected Bunnings only. Please check with your local store.

for manual post placement

Whites Post Driver range provides an easy way to drive steel posts into the ground. The heavy weight of the driver means the user only needs to lift the driver over the post and let the weight of the driver do the work. Available in three sizes from heavy duty 80cm to the Lil' Driver to suit trade, handyman and DIY uses.

For more rural fencing product see our selection on the Whites Rural website

Code Product Name Length (cm)FinishColour

Steel Post Driver – Lil’ Driver


Steel Post Driver – Handyman

59.5 Enamelled Blue

Steel Post Driver

80 Galvanised

Post Lifters

  • Easy to use and remove posts
  • Will retain the integrity of removed posts
  • Heavy steel construction
  • Enamelled steel version available at selected Bunnings only. Please check with your local store.

Removes steel posts from the ground for re-use

Whites Post Lifter range makes removing steel posts from the ground easy. Cost-effective, as it allows you to re-use existing steel posts. Simply place the post in the jaw and use the lever action to remove the post. Available in two versions to suit trade, handyman and DIY uses.

For more rural fencing product see our selection on the Whites Rural website

Code Product Name FinishColour

Steel Post Lifter – Handyman

Enamelled Blue

Steel Post Lifter


Wire Spinner

  • Easy payout - no tangling
  • Safe way to payout wire
  • Use in mobile and stationary positions

Safe and easy payout of fence wire

Whites Wire Spinner provides safe and easy payout of fence wire. It can be used on the ground in a stationary position, or put on the back of a ute for larger fence runs.

For more rural fencing product see our selection on the Whites Rural website

Code Product Name Finish

Wire Spinner

clipstools roses

Fencing Clips & Tools

Clipping wire and joining wire panels. Clips and pliers for building cages and fences, and others serious projects.

Panel Clips

  • Quick & easy screw-fix installation
  • Panel Clips attach to mesh panels
  • Handy pack of 8 or bulk pack of 50
  • Galvanised steel
  • Mounting clips ideal for hanging trellis panels or wire
  • Hot-Dip Galvanised steel
  • Front or side mount design

For easy screw-fix installation

Whites easy to use mesh Panel Fixing Clips are made from strong galvanised sheet steel, to hold up to 10mm mesh easily. They have a 8mm hole for screw fixing.

These clips come in a handy pack of 8 and a bulk pack of 50.

Quick and easy screw-fix installation

Whites Panel Mounting Clips screw into walls and fences quickly and easily, creating a sturdy trellis for your climbing plants. Made from Hot-Dip Galvanised steel, it is strong and long lasting.

Choose from two hanging options: front mount or side mount, whichever best suits your needs or space.

Note: Screws not included.

Handy Hints:

  • Use with Whites Grip & Grow Wall Panel (18248) for a trellis system installed in minutes.
  • For wire trellis, run trellis wires through the free screw holes and tie off.
  • Protective gloves and eye protection must be worn.
Code Product Name FinishPack Qty

Panel Mounting Clips

Galvanised 8

Panel Fixing Clips

Galvanised 50

Panel Fixing Clips

Galvanised 8

Netting Clips & Tools

  • Pliers and clips for securing netting to line wires
  • Special pliers with groove to hold all netting clips
  • PVC coated handles for comfort
  • Galvanised steel 'C' Clips in packs of 500

Netting Pliers

Whites Netting Pliers are designed to make securing Whites C-style Netting Clips safe, neat and easy. The 16mm clips suit the Red handle pliers whilst the 19mm clips suit the Green handle pliers.

The pliers feature a special groove to hold the netting clip in place before securing. To secure, squeeze the handles and the clip 'ties' the netting to the line wire.

With a soft rubber handle, these pliers are easy to use and come with a pack of bonus clips to get you started. With a strong durable galvanised coating, the clips are easy to use and will suit up to 2.24mm diameter line wire and netting.

Code Product Name FinishPack QtySuitsSizeSize (mm)Colour

Netting Clip Pliers

Bonus Clips 19mm clips Green Handle

Netting Clip Pliers

Bonus Clips 16mm clips Red Handle

Netting Clips

Galvanised 500 19 x 2.24

Netting Clips

Galvanised 500 16 x 2.0

Netting Clips

Galvanised 500 16 x 2.24

Mesh Clips & Tools

  • Flat clip provides greater holding power and is safer for birds and pets
  • Comfort shaped handles
  • Joins up to 2.50mm wire mesh
  • Bonus stainless steel clips included
  • Use in conjunction with Flat Aviary Clips

For joining aviary and fine mesh

Whites Aviary Clip Plier with soft rubber grip, is specifically designed for crimping Whites Flat Aviary Clips, which are ideal for fastening mesh panels and wire up to 2.5mm in diameter.

The aviary clips have a strong hold and a smooth finish making them perfect for bird enclosures.

Code Product Name FinishPack QtySuits

Aviary Flat Clips

Stainless Steel 200 up to 2.50mm wire mesh

Aviary Clip Pliers

Bonus 20 Clips

Gates & Fittings

Latching and hinging for entry and exit ways. Kits, sets and individual fittings ideal for home, farm and commercial applications.
gate fitting whites

Gate Fitting Kits & Sets

  • Gate pack kits to suit most applications
  • Hot-dip Galvanised
  • Hinge sets available at Bunnings only. Please check with your local store.

Gate Hinge - heavy duty for larger gates

Whites Post Hinge Set is perfect for larger gates that are used for farm and vehicular access. It is suitable for timber posts (approximately 120mm-200mm width) and 25NB gates.

The set includes the following:

  • top through-post hinge 16mm x 280mm thread length
    • nuts x 3
    • washers x 2
    • backing plate x 1
  • bottom through-post gudgeon 16mm x 250mm thread length
    • nuts x 2
    • washers x 2

For detailed instructions, please view the image gallery above.


top strap and bottom hinge - for hanging gates

Whites Strap & Hinge Sets provide a convenient way to hang gates. These are suitable for round or flat posts and 25NB gates. For installation, ensure that you use screws that are suitable for the type of post, Strap & Hinge can also be welded on to steel posts.

The set contains:

  • bottom hinge
  • back strap attachment
  • top strap

For detailed instructions, please view the image gallery above.

Handy hint:

  • Use with Whites Ring Latch Set or Gate Bow Latch Gate Fittings.


ideal for cattle yard fencing

Whites Slam Latch and Striker Plate is a tough and durable fitting to secure heavy gates.

Featuring weld-on spring-loaded latch and striker plate designed for cattle yards so it provides quick access and locks strong.

Code Product Name Length (mm)FinishSuits

Post Hinge Set


Strap & Hinge Set

Galvanised Round posts

Strap & Hinge Set

Galvanised Flat posts

Slam Latch & Striker Plate

14 Galvanised

Individual Gate Fittings

  • A range of latches, hinges and accessories
  • Suits common 25NB gates
  • Screw-in or weld-on fittings
  • Some products are available at Bunnings stores or in Victoria only. Please check your local store.


Whites 2-Way Gate Latch is a clever way to secure round-pipe gates. As the gate closes it lifts the latch and rests between the latches. The latch can secure the gate from both sides.

To install, the latch can be screwed or welded onto posts and is suitable for common 25NB pipe gates.


Whites Gate Bow Latch is an easy-to-use gate fitting that can be screwed or welded into place. suits 25NB gates.

For installation: ensure that you use screws that are suitable for the type of post, Gate Bow Latch can also be welded on steel posts.

To use: simply lift off the latch, drop-on to the gate and secure the latch.

Handy Hints:

  • Use with Whites Strap & Hinge Set Gate Fittings.

Note: Available at Bunnings only.


Whites Gate Pin is a strong and sturdy screw-in M20 threaded gudgeon for 25NB gates. It is suitable for steel and timber posts and is compatible with Gate Strap Hinge.
It measures 350mm in length and includes 2 nuts and 2 washers.

Note: Available in Victoria only.


Whites Heavy Duty Staples come in a pack of 6 staples that is ideal for attaching chains and pins to timber posts. Designed for timber posts, the staples are simply hammered into place to secure.

Note: Available in Victoria only.


Whites Ring Latch Set includes the catch, ring latch and chain for locking gates.

For installation, ensure that you use screws that are suitable for the type of post, Ring Latch & Catch can also be welded on steel posts.

  • With the gate in closed position, place the catch on inside face of the post as shown below. Mark holes pre-drill and fix.
  • Pass chain through gate and position chain latch plate allowing for slack. Mark holes pre-drill and fix.

Handy Hints:

  • Use with Whites Strap & Hinge Set Gate Fittings.

Note: Available at Bunnings only.


Whites Screw-in Drop Latch gate fitting is a traditional and convenient way to secure large and small gates. Simply thread the chain through the gate and drop the latch pin into the catch to secure. Featuring a screw-in 12mm latch and catch with chain. Also available in Ring Latch style.


Whites Screw-In Gudgeon is a bottom 'hinge' for a round-pipe gate. Suitable for 25NB medium to large size gates, the gudgeon mounts into timber posts.

Note: Available in Victoria only.


Whites Screw-in Ring Latch is a traditional and convenient way to lock large and small gates. Simply thread the chain through the gate and place the ring latch pin around the catch to secure. Featuring a screw-in 12mm latch and catch with chain. Also available in Drop Latch style.


Whites Spring Latch is a 12mm bolt latch with spring that can be screwed-in or welded-on. Suitable for gates, cages and box trailers, the latch pulls back to open and then springs back into place when you want to secure the gate or door.


Whites Tubular Gate Hinges are screw-in hinge set designed to fit square tube (25mm x 25mm) and rectangular tube (25mm x 38mm) posts. Featuring a top hinge, and an adjustable bottom hinge (screws are not included).

Note: Available in Victoria only.


Whites Weld-On Hinges are a slide-on/lift-off hinge designed to be welded onto steel gates and posts. The pack is supplied as complete gate hinge set, including 2 hinges and 2 locking pins. Available in two sizes, 12mm and 16mm.

Note: 16mm is currently only available in Victoria.


Whites Pipe Saddles are a Hot-dip Galvanised saddles ideal for common sizes of gates and pipe fittings. Available in three sizes: 25NB, 32NB, 40NB.

Code Product Name Length (mm)FinishPack QtySuits

Pipe Saddle

Hot-dip Galvanised 25NB

Pipe Saddle

Hot-dip Galvanised 32NB

Pipe Saddle

Hot-dip Galvanised 40NB

Gate Bow Latch


Ring Latch Set


Screw-in Ring Latch

12 Galvanised Timber Posts

Screw-in Drop Latch

12 Galvanised Timber Posts

Weld-on Hinges

12 Galvanised Steel Gates

Weld-on Hinges

16 Galvanised Steel Gates

Tubular Gate Hinges

Galvanised Steel tube 25x25, 25x38

2-way Latch

Galvanised 25NB gates

Spring Latch

12 Galvanised

Heavy Duty Staples

Galvanised 6 Timber Posts

Screw-in Gudgeon

Galvanised Timber Posts

Gate Pin

350 Galvanised Steel & Timber Posts


  • Made from high quality galvanised pipe
  • Hot dip galvanised inside and outside
  • All pipe is a uniform 25NB
  • Slide bolt included

Quality manufactured and tested

Whites Chain Mesh Pedestrian Gate is manufactured from high quality galvanised pipe. The pipe is galvanised on the inside as well as the outside to provide maximum protection and a long working life. The zinc based coating is applied to all sections and all welds are covered.

Code Product Name Height (mm)Width (mm)Aperture (cm)Finish

Chain Mesh Gate

1800 900 6' x 3' Galvanised
hold down anchor

Ground Anchors

Tie it down. Secure items firmly into the ground. Great for playgrounds, camping, tree holds and as a pet tie-out.
spiral anchor 1 e1571877797627

Explore Ground Anchors

Fencing Accessories

Repair fencing, build sign posts and make posts safer. A range of accessories to assist in repairing your fencing and making steel posts safer to be around.
post bracket family shot 2
post bracket web 1280x720

Explore Fencing Accessories

Stake Driver

  • Drives with precision
  • Strong steel construction
  • Fits neatly over timber stakes or fence posts
  • Strong steel handle with soft rubber grip
  • Saves your fingers

For Stakes and posts

A fast, safe and easy to use timber stake or fence post driver. Simply place over the top of your timber stake or fence post and strike with a hammer or mallet for a smooth and controlled drive.

This nifty device will save both your thumbs and the tops of your stakes or posts from wayward strikes!

Code Product Name FinishColour

Stake Driver

Enamelled Blue

Post Caps

  • For increased safety
  • Snugly fits post - no need to tie down
  • Boast unique fins to hold cap in place
  • Yellow for visibility

Unique FinGrip System

Whites Post Caps provide a snug fit to most fence posts with no need to tie down due to the unique fins that hold the cap in place.

Available in a bright yellow finish for visibility and safety.

Code Product Name Pack QtyColour

Steel Post Caps

40 Yellow

Reo Safety Caps

100 Yellow

Post Brackets

  • Versatile range
  • Ideal for fences & signs
  • Designed to fit Ultrapost and other posts
  • Available in 3 functional types - Flat, Rail & Corner

Post and rail support

Whites Post Brackets are versatile brackets that allow you to repair or build using steel fence posts. Ideal for maintaining paling fences & putting up signs, these brackets are specifically designed to fit Ultrapost and other standard steel posts.

It's supplied in galvanised finish for maximum corrosion resistance and is available in flat, rail and corner types.

Code Product Name Finish

Post Bracket – Flat


Post Bracket – Rail


Post Bracket – Corner



Dancing appliances causing you headaches?

Reduce vibration, suppress noise and protect surfaces with Anti-Vibration Pads. Simply place them under washing machines, air-conditioners or compressors and your headache's gone. 🙂

Made from recycled material and available in a range of sizes to suit your appliance at your local @bunnings
Anti-Vibration Squares: (code: 3961977)
Painting this weekend?

Get a multi-purpose protective cover!
Protect your floorboards from paint, protect yourself and your furniture.

Medium duty tarps are durable, tear, water and UV-resistant, so many uses around the home and yard. Available in multiple sizes to suit your needs.

DM us or comment below for more info.
Laying concrete slab?

Our reo sheets are ute-sized and easy to handle. Ideal for shed slabs and paths.

For more info on concreting, see comment below.
Secure netting in seconds!

2 easy steps to join wire netting together, safely & neatly:
- Place netting clip in the netting plier's special groove.
- Squeeze the handles to close the clip.

Handy for building an enclosure or attaching netting to line wires.
Available in 16mm and 19mm clips and matching pliers.

Watch this quick video or for more info, ask away!
Create a tight tie comfortably - in seconds!

Tighten rod ties easily with spiralling action rod tying tool. Features a comfortable grip that won't slip. Great for concreting or tying jobs around your home.

Available in short or long handle to suit your needs.

For more info, ask away!
Have you got the drive?

Mini and mighty 💪 Lil' Driver 
Handy enough to have around when you need it. Tough enough to drive your steel posts and stakes! Thanks @adamhwoodhams 👏

Available at your local @@bunnings 
Lil' Driver (code: 0139521)
Pretty, pink terrarium toppers! 

Cute colour contrast. Add pebbles to highlight any plants for a creative a centre-piece. Thanks for the pic Donna May.

Available in metallic pink, green, blue, gold and silver.
For more info, ask away...

Creative DIY indoor plant display!
As natural as it gets. Use cotton twine and glass jars, add water then place your fave plants.

Twist Cotton Twine is 100% biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.
Thanks for your crafty work @elisabethgardengirl.
Screening in style

Add an architecturally-inspired screen with rustic appeal.
Decorate your garden with a feature panel for privacy that lets the sun shine through. Interlocking edging strips complete the look. Thanks for the share @mumma_gee_gee

Available at your local @bunnings
Oxy-Shield screen - Rainforest (code: 0054756)
Oxy-Shield edging strips 200mm (code: 3042362)
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