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A Tale of Two Garden Beds

Garden Bed One – Dog Tales

Cleaned up this bed by getting rid of the bolting lettuce and the last of the snap peas.
You can see that the rain wasn’t wasted. The wasabi rocket loves the rain and all the flowers are great for attracting bees into the garden!

The lettuce and the peas had taken a bit out of the garden so I added blood and bone and a couple of big buckets of compost.

When I mixed it in and there were plenty of worms in the garden, the heavier original soil is now a lot lighter and friable.

The dog could smell the blood and bone and jumped in to investigate.

I have plenty of the last of the heirloom tomato varieties in this bed and will see what room I have in a week or so for the next planting.

Garden Bed Two – Tomato Tales

Cleaned up the bolting lettuce and decided to add a tomato kit frame rather than the small stakes I started with.

These tomatoes – cherry bombs – have been growing well so they need extra support so I used a simple tomato kit.

The kits are cheap, take only a minute or so to build them and I re-use them from year to year.

I prefer to keep the cross connectors low to start with for extra support then raise them as the plant gets bigger.


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