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Protective Foam

General Protection Adhesive Foam

  • Anti-vibration
  • Packing protection
  • Wall and noise insulation
  • Available at Bunnings only. Please check with your local store.

Whites Adhesive Foam Rubber  Roll is ideal for noise reduction and provides anti-vibration for pipes and air conditioner ducting. Made from quality high density foam with fibreglass reinforced adhesive backing.

Whites Adhesive Protector Foam is a high-density foam roll with an adhesive backing. It adheres to any smooth, clean surface, such as concrete, timber and steel. It’s ideal for use on garage walls and pillars as a bumper to protect car doors from dents and scratches. With a thickness of 4mm, it’s also suitable for floors as anti-skid and surface protection.  Ideal for car door protection in tight spaces. Made from recycled material.

Whites Self-Adhesive Protection Foam offers a quick and easy way to protect against bumps and scratches. The strong adhesive covers the entire back surface to stick any clean surface. Ideal for workshop, warehouse, home and office; for packing protection, wall and noise insulation etc. Available in Black.

Code Product Name Length (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Colour

Adhesive Protector Foam

2000 200 4 Black

Adhesive Foam Rubber Roll

1000 50 5 Black

Self-Adhesive Protection Foam

250 200 25 Black

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