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WirePak & HandyPak

HandyPak Tie Wires

  • Standard coil with colour coded labels
  • Lightweight and easy to handle at around 0.5kg
  • Most popular tie wire finish
  • Soft and easy to use
  • Galvanised to resist corrosion

Easy TO USE 0.5kg coil

Whites Handypak tie wires are wound into a standard coil. At 0.5kg the packs are lightweight and easy to handle.

These are available in five popular, colour coded tie wire sizes:

  • Purple – 0.70mm wire diameter in 75m length for hobby, toys and flower arrangements
  • Yellow – 0.90mm wire diameter in 75m length for hobby and garden work
  • Red – 1.25mm wire diameter in 50m length for light tying jobs, trellis and garden use
  • Blue – 1.57mm wire diameter in 30m length for netting to line wires, plant support and lacing wires
  • Green – 2.00m wire diameter in 20m length for heavy tie wire and hinged joint to posts
Code Product Name Length (m)FinishWire Diameter (mm)Colour

0.70mm HandyPak

75 Galvanised 0.7 Purple Label

0.90mm HandyPak

75 Galvanised 0.9 Yellow Label

1.25mm HandyPak

50 Galvanised 1.25 Red Label

1.57mm HandyPak

30 Galvanised 1.57 Blue Label

2.00mm HandyPak

20 Galvanised 2.0 Green Label

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